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Management Services


Advertising and Marketing: Property showings are done weekdays and by appointment only on weekends.  Calls are taken immediately and returned as soon a possible. Over night calls unless an emergency will be returned in the morning.  Our clients and potential tenants appreciate our flexibility.
Importance of the Multiple Listing Service:  Gable recognizes that the MLS is a very utilized tool to quickly rent your property.  The MLS is not only used for potential buyers but for potential renters working with real estate agents.  Your lease listing into the MLS broadens your exposure.
For this exposure a minimum fee of 1% of the total year’s amount is charged.  Therefore, if your rental lease amount is $1,800, upon renting your property by another agent bringing us a qualified renter, your MLS fee would be $216.00 payable to that agent.  That’s less than 1/3 of the rent.  For better results we have found that anywhere between 1.5%-2.5% is an industry standard and moves the property much quicker. However, the choice is yours.  If the MLS allows you to rent your home quicker, the service pays for itself and puts money in your pocket.
Incidentally, no MLS fee is paid out if Gable Property Management rents out your property without the agent referral. This fee is only payable if an outside agent brings us a qualified renter and the property is rented by that applicant.

Thorough Processing of Tenant Applications: preparing legal C.A.R. lease agreements and other necessary addendums, and obtaining of documents including (but not limited to) credit reports, unlawful detainer reports, employment verification, and past landlord references.

Applicant Screening: Attracting good qualified tenant’s is a landlord’s dream client. It has been our experience that by finding these tenants we are able to maintain a good long-term relationship. We utilize Contemporary Information Company to screen our tenant’s which allows us to obtain the following:

  • credit history from Equifax
  • credit summary
  • risk score
  • FICO score
  • fraud search
  • eviction search
  • bad check search
  • bankruptcies
  • Megan’s law
  • driver’s license verification
  • employment verification
  • income verification

Providing Reports of thorough move-in and move-out inspections.  Detailed photographs are also taken at both move-in and move-out inspections. Monthly statements and reports are provided to all owners.

Providing Information to tenants for homeowner’s association information as needed.

Rent Collection

Rents collected on an “on time” basis.  On line collection of rents are available. Gable prides in providing timely monthly dispursements into our owner’s desigated bank accounts.  This provides less hassle for the owner and a perferred option.

Security deposits: A security deposit by the tenant is required.  The minimum we will collect is equal to one month’s rent, and the maximum we are allowed to collect is equal to two month’s rent.  In addition, if a pet is allowed, we will collect a mutually agreed amount.  Usually $300 is collecte for a small pet and $500 for a medium to large size pet.  Both the security deposit and the pet deposit is returned to the owner.  This will need to be returned to the tenant upon move-out less any reasonable deductions.

Late Notices given promptly as needed. Included are 3-day notices.


Coordination with experienced eviction attorney.

Court Appearance with owner as needed.

Maintenance and Repairs

Meet With all vendors as needed for Landlord’s repairs and/or improvements.

All Calls for repairs handled in a expedient manner.

Professional Bookkeeping

Monthly Owner Reports sent with rent check—itemized with Monthly Bill Paying of Homeowner’s Dues, Gardening, Pool Service, Repairs, Mortgage Payments—if positive cash flow is in place.

Processing of tenant’s security deposit upon move-out.

Portfolio Investment Changes

Listing and Marketing your property For Sale at a reduced commission. Includes Multiple Listing Exposure, Advertising & Networking with other Realtors, and Conducting of Open Houses.